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The LUMS Olympiad provides you with the jump start you need into any or every creative field that you’re interested in. From drama to fashion to art, we’ve got it all at the biggest event of its kind in Pakistan!

The Olympiad is a collaborated effort from 10+ societies at LUMS, which is headed by the LUMS Media Arts Society (LMA) and the Debates and Recitation Society (DRUMS), and is attended by schools and universities from all over Pakistan. All the teams participate in various competitive events as diverse as football, declamations and live art, and battle for the coveted Olympiad Trophy.

LUMS Media Arts Society

LUMS Media Arts Society(LMA) is one of the largest societies at LUMS which orchestrates a number of events throughout the year. These events attract over 5000 students from all over Pakistan and even abroad, which makes LMA renowned for its international affiliations.

Debates and Recitation at LUMS

The Debates and Recitation society at LUMS(DRUMS) is the biggest debating society in Pakistan which believes in expression, healthy debating, opening up about taboo topics and much more.

At a Glance

The Olympiad tradition.